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This is the Vehicle Inspection Office Driver and Vehicle Licensing Administration (VIO-DVLA) of the   36 States of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. The Department for Vehicle Inspection in the States of the Federation views vith serious concern the high rate of accidents on Nigeria roads as a result of lack of SKILL, KNOWLEDGE and the right ATTITUDE of drivers. Applicants for driving license must obtain  Provisional Driving License and will be issued a full driving license on successful completion of the theory test  and practical driving examination by the Vehicle Inspection Office.

If you have obtained full driving license by proxy from any State or Federal agent without being tested and certified competent to drive on Nigeria roads by a qualified Vehicle Inspection Officer, you may have been issued a fake driving license and you need to Authenticate your current drivers' license now. By authenticating your driving license you will be issued the Vehicle Inspection Office authentication certificate. 

Each State is however independent on the VIO-DVLA platform but shares information across the States of the Federation. The general public is hereby informed that the issuance of driving licenses and other motor vehicle related taxes are exclusive preserves of the States under the 1999 constitution as ammended. All applicants for driving license are strongly advised to visit the nearest Vehicle Inspection Office(VIO) or the State Board of Internal Revenue. Alternatively, applicants can submit an online application here  All applicants must be tested and certified competent by a testing officer before they are issued drivers' license.