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The Vehicle Inspection Office- Driver and Vehicle Licensing Administration  (VIO-DVLA) is a non-governmental organisation providing resource for State Department for Motor Vehicle Administration. The challenges of the various State Vehicle Inspection offices in Nigeria can only be addressed with the collaboration of non-governmental organizations providing the technical aid and training support to the State officials.

The Justice and Law Enforcement Reformation Organization provide Technical Support and Training aimed at building the capacity of the department for Drivers and Vehicles Inspection and for the enforcement of traffic regulations, collection of road taxes and levies thereof. We develop neccessary web application, improving Motor Vehicle Administration in the States of the Federation while at the same time improving the SKILL, KNOWLEDGE and driving ATTITUDE of drivers in Nigeria.

To develop projects and web application for Driver Testing (Theory and Practical Driving Examination) Driving School Registration and Training for Vehicle Road Worthiness testing and other technical matters pertaining to enforcement of Traffic regulation and collection of road taxes, levies and fines aimed at improving road safety and internally generated revenue in the States of the Federation.