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Drivers License

You must now apply for a provisional driving licence (Learners Permit) before you can learn to drive or get a driver's license for a car, moped or motorcycle. You cannot be issued a driver's license except you comply with the approved driving license process.

If you already hold a full driving licence; you may need to validate your driver's license at the nearest Vehicle Inspection Office. Authenticate your driving license here.

If you are applying for a driving Licence, you need to first apply for your first provisional driving license (Learners Permit). You can also renew your full driver's license for a car, moped or motorcycle using the Vehicle Inspection Office Driver and Vehicle Licensing Administration (VIODVLA) secured and easy to use website . On completion of your application, you will be issued a Provisional Driving License with a unique number for booking the theory test. You will not be able to book your practical driving test except you pass the theory test .

You can:

Please have the following at hand:

VIO-DVLA aim to send your provisional driving licence to you within 5 working days of you submitting your application online.