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Theory Test

The theory and practical driving test appointments can be booked, and subject to three clear working days notice, be changed and cancelled using our online booking service.  

Before you can take your theory test you'll need to make sure you have a valid provisional driving licence. You can apply for a provisional driving licence from the Vehicle Inspection Office and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Administration (VIO-DVLA) website. 

Once you have a valid provisional driving licence you can book your theory test. We strongly advise to obtain training from a driving schoo accredited by the VIO-DVLA before you take the theory test.

The waiting times vary from state to state, but the target is that 95 per cent of theory test candidates will receive an appointment date within two weeks of their preferred date.

To book a theory test online you'll need:

Click on the link below to book a theory test online.

Book your theory test onlineTheory test booking line - 07027647970